History of Creation

A Brief History of Creation

The Beginning

The Primordials forged everything out of the Pure Chaos, including the gods. They’re pretty much the Titans of Greek philosophy. After they finished the tough work of forging everything, they went to Yu-Shan to play the Games of Divinity and relax. The gods were left with the daily tasks associated with keeping Creation working.

The Primordial War

Eventually, the gods got tired of working all the time while the Primordials kicked back to play the Games of Divinity. However, they could not raise up against the Primordials on their own. They instead imbued parts of their essence into mortals, creating the Exalted. The Unconquered Sun and Luna each exalted 300 of the noblest mortals—the Solars and Lunars. The Five Maidens each chose 20 followers to become the Sidereals, and the Elemental Dragons exalted 10,000 mortals, giving birth to the first Dragon-Blooded (also known as Terrestrial exalts).

With their new godlike powers, the exalts formed an army to wage war against the Primordials. Much to everyone’s surprise, they defeated won. The Primordials who weren’t killed were exiled to Malfeas, except for Gaia and Autocthon, who helped the gods in the battle. The Primordials who were killed ended up in the Abyss, and became the Neverborn. The gods left Creation in the hands of the exalted, and retired to Yu-Shan to play the Games of Divinity themselves.

The First Age

For a while, things went well. The Solars ruled Creation with their Lunar mates by their side, Sidereal advisors, and an army of Dragon-Blooded. Creation enjoyed its most productive era ever. Then The Great Curse took hold.

When the Primordials were exiled, they cursed the exalted. The curse was so powerful, nobody knows about it to this day. It caused the Solars to go mad with power and commit some of the worst atrocities imaginable. For example, one Solar was known for her concerts featuring mortals who had charms upon them that kept them alive and turn their screams of anguish into beautiful music. The concerts were held in high respect for both the wonderful music and imaginative forms of torture used to create it.

The Usurpation

The Sidereals eventually became tired of the Solar’s behavior. One night, they gathered at the Tapestry of Fate to find a solution. Many of the Sidereals had different visions of what needed to be done, but they all agreed that doing nothing would doom Creation. The majority decided it was time to end Solar rule.

On the eve of Calibration, the Solars gathered for their annual banquet. During the meal, the Sidereals set off the essence bombs they had been stockpiling. All who were present died. The few remaining Solars and Lunars were hunted down by the Sidereals and Dragon-Blooded. The sparks of essence imbued by the gods were trapped in a jade prison so they would not be able to return to Yu-Shan and be given to another mortal. The Sidereals left Creation to the Dragon-Blooded, and retreated to Yu-Shan to manipulate events from behind the scenes.

The Shogunate

History was quickly re-written to enable the Dragon-Blooded to rule, and any non-Terrestrial exalt was considered anathema. Currently, religion teaches that these people have been possessed by demons who have killed the person and are using the body as a puppet. Wyld Hunts still roam the outer lands to hunt down any exalted who manage to resurface.

In the power vacuum left by the Userpation, the Dragon-Blooded quickly took control of different parts of the Empire, and were constantly at war with each other for more territory. This in-fighting left Creation exposed to two of the most dangerous threats to its continued existence.

The Fair Folk Invasion and The Great Contagion

At some point, a plague swept though Creation, killing off 90% of the population. Nobody truly knows the source of the disease, but most believe that it was given to the Deathlords by their Neverborn masters. The Fair Folk, fae creatures of the Chaos who hate the unshifting order of Creation, took this opportunity to invade in an attempt to reclaim Creation for the Pure Chaos.

As a last-ditch effort to save Creation, five Dragon-Blooded made their way into the heart of the Imperial Palace that had been undisturbed for centuries. While nobody knows the details of what happened inside, we do know that only one emerged alive, but she had managed to activate a massive defense grid from the days of Solar rule and drive the Fair Folk out. She immediately declared herself Empress, and used the defense grid to convince her rivals to swear loyalty.

Present Day

Over the next 300 years, the Empress ruled. Her 12 daughters founded 12 dynastic houses. Most of Creation is either under direct Imperial rule, or has sworn loyalty as a Tributary. Fair Folk still invade, but they are mostly raiding parties. The Deathlords have taken over a few outlying areas of Creation, but were only seen as a real threat recently, when The Mask of Winter suddenly invaded the city of Thorns, where he still lives. Despite these threats, things were better than in the days of the Great Contagion. Then two things happened three years ago.

First, the Empress has disappeared. It took some time for those close to her to worry because she is known for taking sudden trips back into the heart of her palace. The general public is unaware she is missing, but the 12 families are already starting to vie for the throne.

Second, the Jade Prison was broken. The Solar sparks that had been trapped have started to resurface, and a new generation of demigods are walking the earth again. Time will tell if they will be the heroes they were intended to be, or if they too will fall to the Great Curse.

History of Creation

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